About me

Hi friend!!!!

If you’ve gotten this far, you have probably seen this face before, but just in case, I’m Shayne!!! I am an Idaho based photographer who has a heart on fire for Jesus and aspires to capture the in-between moments of love and laughter! Idaho is my forever home and I am so STINKIN’ excited to show you all the backroads and secret places I’ve discovered in this little corner of the world. Whether I am tucked in the mountain towns of Idaho or resting on the lake shores in our gem state, those are the moments that I feel closest to God. I feel so blessed to live right down the road from some of the prettiest sceneries. Although I love to travel, I feel so passionate about embracing the beauty that is all around us right here in Boise!!!
I have carried around a camera for as long as I can remember. When I was in elementary school I would hang my dad’s old film camera around my neck everywhere I went!! I now have a box FULL of film vacation photos, pictures of my baby dolls, and lots of snapshots with my finger covering the lens. However, I will forever cherish these silly photographs because that is how my God given passion for photography began!!
Jesus has blessed me with such a huge enthusiasm for peoples unique love stories. I think I came out of the womb as a hopeless romantic. Lol!! I am a sucker for that Sunday morning, nose crinkles and belly laugh type of love. I just adore getting to learn all the things that make your love story YOURS!! I am so excited to be your biggest hype girl behind the camera!

Shayne Center

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